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Vecto TypeScript SDK Client Documentation

Here is the documentation for our TypeScript Client.


npm install @xpressai/vecto-client

For the token, sign up for your access here.


import { Configuration, IndexApi, IndexDataRequest, LookupApi, LookupRequest } from '@xpressai/vecto-client';

const config = new Configuration({
accessToken: 'your-vecto-token'

// Ingest

const indexApi = new IndexApi(config);
const textBlob = new Blob(["Hello Vecto"]);

const textDataParams: IndexDataRequest = {
vectorSpaceId: your-vector-space-id,
modality: 'TEXT',
attributes: [JSON.stringify("sample metadata")],
input: [textBlob];

await indexApi.indexData(textDataParams);

// Lookup

const lookupApi = new LookupApi(config);

const textParams: LookupRequest = {
vectorSpaceId: your-vector-space-id,
modality: 'TEXT',
topK: 3,
query: 'text query',

const results = await lookupApi.lookup(textParams);

Developers Discord

Have any questions or need support? Feel free to chat with the devs at our Discord!


For issues with the SDK, please raise a GitHub issue. For issues related to the API or other inquiries, please contact Vecto support.