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A class for interfacing with the Vecto Metric API.



Retrieves the monthly usage metrics for a specified vector space.

async usage(requestParameters: UsageRequest, initOverrides?: RequestInit | runtime.InitOverrideFunction): Promise<MonthlyUsageResponse>


  • requestParameters (UsageRequest): Object containing identifiers for the usage data retrieval.

    • vectorSpaceId (string): Identifier of the vector space.
    • month (number): Numeric representation of the month.
    • year (number): Numeric representation of the year.
  • initOverrides (RequestInit | runtime.InitOverrideFunction): Optional overrides for the request initialization settings.


  • MonthlyUsageResponse: Contains the usage metrics for the specified vector space and month, structured as follows:
    • year (number): The year for which usage metrics are provided.
    • month (number): The month for which usage metrics are provided.
    • usage (VectoUsageMetrics): Object containing detailed usage metrics.
      • lookups (UsageMetric): Metrics specific to lookup operations.
        • dailyMetrics (Array(DailyUsageMetric)): Array of daily usage metrics.
          • date (Date): The date for the metric.
          • count (number): The operation count for the specific date.
          • cumulativeCount (number): The cumulative count of operations until the specific date.
      • indexing (UsageMetric): Metrics specific to indexing operations.
        • dailyMetrics (Same structure as lookups).


import { Configuration, MetricsApi, UsageRequest } from 'vecto-sdk';

const config = new Configuration({
accessToken: 'your-access-token'

const api = new MetricsApi(config);
const usageRequest: UsageRequest = {
vectorSpaceId: 'your-vector-space-id',
month: 1,
year: 2023

const usageMetrics = await api.usage(usageRequest);